What is a Social Media Review?

It’s not enough just to have social media accounts; you need to be able to draw in your ideal customers and build a community that trusts you as the expert in your niche.

A Social Media Review will give you the information and tips to do just that.

I offer reviews of Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

I can also review your website to make sure that your social media is integrated and consistent throughout your website.

You will receive a customized video analysis of:

  • How you look to your ideal customer
  • How you look compared to your competition
  • What social media pieces you need to re-evaluate
  • Information & advice about how to hone your social media platforms
  • Information & advice about how to create consistency on your social media platforms
  • Information & advice about where you may want to invest in your social media presence

My goal is to give you the information you need to #StandOutFromTheCrowd!

Basic Audit


Basic Social Media Audit (One Platform)

You will receive a Customized Video Analysis.

Review of Social Media Platforms
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest only)

Website Review to check for Social Media Integration

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